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The card images used on this site are obtained from the Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Portal Site (, in accordance to the guidelines stated there. Re-use of these images (re-post, distribution) is strictly prohibited.
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The card images used on this site are obtained from the Future Card Buddyfight Official Portal Site (, in accordance to the guidelines stated there. Re-use of these images (re-post, distribution) is strictly prohibited.
(C) Bushiroad All Rights Reserved.
Others Sources: BigWeb, 2Critical, Nananews, Livedoor (Freedomduo), and many others.


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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Future Card: BuddyFight "H" (H-BT02):
Galaxy Burst

Official Release Date: 17th July 2015

Booster Slogan:

- [Galaxy Burst] Total: 119 different types of cards (+2 Secret; +3 SP; +1 Buddy Rare)
- Each booster contains 5 random cards (One of them definitely R or greater).
1 box contains 30 boosters.

Galaxy Burst (vet.E) Rarity:
Buddy Rare (BR): 1
Secret (SR): 2
SP: 3
RRR: 8
RR: 12
R: 30
UC: 32
C: 34

Galaxy Burst Rarity:
Buddy Rare (BR): 1
Secret (SR): 2
SP: 3
RRR: 8
RR: 12
R: 27
UC: 30
C: 30

- Introducing a new world, Star Dragon World.
- Includes further boosts to Dragon World, Katana World and Legend World.
- Introducing 2 new abilities: Crossnize and Thunder Mine.
- Further boosts to Crimson Fist (H-SD01), Radiant Force (H-SD02), Dragonic Star (H-SD03) and Malicious Demons (H-SD04).
- Includes new form of Jackknife with 《Neodragon》 attribute!
- Includes new Omni King, and is not just 1!
- The Yamigetou also invades!
- Common (C), Uncommon (UC) and Rare (R) card parallel foils will also be inserted in random packs in addition to the normal Rare!
- The sneak preview event (10/11/12 June 2015) includes 2 Star Dragon World playmat and 1 Star Dragon World promo.
- With the Hundred 6-packs campaign, players will get 1 special Promo pack containing 1 random card (Total of 5 types) with a purchase of any 6 packs of English Edition of Future Buddyfight packs at a time!

Special Feature:
- Gold/Silver campaign for Cardfight!! Vanguard and Future Card: Buddfight will be combined into the "Get Treasure Campaign".


- Main support in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia will be the English version of Future Card: BuddyFight. Japanese version will not be supported with Promos (PR), Shop Tournaments and/or event Tournament such as WGP.
Future Card Buddyfight "H":
Extra Booster Volume 1 (H-EB01)
- Miracle Impack!
[ウルトラ!! 必殺パック]

Official Release Date:
Japanese Edition: 5th June 2015
English Edition: 12th June 2015

Total Types of Cards: 66 (66 New Cards)

Each Box: 15 packs
Each Pack:
cards in each pack
- Each pack will definitely have one R, and an additional R or above!


BR: 1
SP: 3
Secret (SR): 5
RRR: 4
RR: 8
R: 20
UC: 28

- "Miracle Impack!" is the 1st Hundred Extra Booster released in both Japanese and English format.
- Includes further support mainly for Danger World, Dungeon World and Hero World!
- Every pack will contain at least one Impact card!
- There is NO common in this set!
- Parallel foils of Uncommon (U) and Rare (R) are inserted randomly in packs!
- There are 29 monsters, 10 spells, 3 items and 18 impacts (2 from each of the 9 worlds).
- Impact cards includes in this set are from all current 9 worlds, which includes Ancient World, Danger World, Darkness Dragon World, Dragon World, Dungeon World, Hero World, Katana World, Legend World and Magic World.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Funan Anime Matasuri 2015
[8th June 2015 - 14th June 2015]
Venue: Funan DigitaLife Mall
More Information on FAM2015: Click [HERE]
Cardfight!! Vanguard "G" Set 03:
Sovereign Star Dragon (G-BT03)

Official Release Date: 29th May 2015
Official Price:
- 1 Box at 4,500 Yen (inclusive of Tax)
- 1 Pack 150 Yen (inclusive of Tax)

Total of 16 Box Per Carton

Total of 30 Packs Per Box
Total of 104 Cards (103 New Cards + 1 Reprint Card)

Total of 3 RRR and 5 RR in each Box

OR Total of 1 SP, 3 RRR and 5 RR in each Box
OR Total of 1 GR, 2 RRR and 5 RR in each Box

1 Carton comes with 4 of each GR (2 copies for each GR)

GR: 2
SP: 12
RRR: 8
RR: 12
R: 22
C: 60


- Includes cards from the 1st season of the anime, Cardfight!! Vanguard G.
- Include further support for the skill, Stride and Generation Break.
- Includes further boosts to the follow clans: Dark Irregulars, Gold Paladin, Kagero, Link Joker, Murakumo and Shadow Paladin.
- Includes further boosts to the following archetypes. [Amon (アモン)], [Deletor (根絶者)], [Liberator (解放者)], [Revenger (撃退者)], [Seal Dragon (封竜)], [Star-vader (星輝兵)] and [Witch (魔女)].
- Includes further boosts from the new G-Trial Decks, Fateful Star Messiah (G-TD05).
- Grade 3 Revival of Covert Demonic Dragon, Magatsu Storm.
- Reprint Card: Flirtatious Succubus.
- Every purchase of 1 box of G-Booster, Sovereign Star Dragon, will entitled you to 1 promo:

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fateful Star Messiah (G-TD05)

Official Release Date: 29th May 2015
Official Price: 1,100 Yen

- Each deck consists of 52 cards.
- Each deck consist of 4 RRR and 2 Sentinel cards.
- Each deck will come with 2 main grade 3 card and 2 G-unit card.
- A constructed deck built of 52 cards (19 New Cards).
- There are 18 type of cards in the main deck and 1 type of G-unit card in the generation zone.
- Includes cards from the clan, Link Joker, used by the character, Kouji Ibuki from season 1 of the Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime, Cardfight!! Vanguard G.


Messiah of Zodiac (G-TD05+)

G-TD05+ will includes:
- 1 52 Card Deck
- 1 60 Ibuki's Card Sleeve
- 1 Ibuki's Deck Case
- 1 Ibuki's Fighter Counter
- 1 Card Fight Pack Volume 17
- 3 RRR coated PR (1 Exclusive Promo & 2 Reprints):
Cardfight!! Vanguard "G" Clan Booster 01:
Academy of Divas (G-CB01)

Official Release Date: 19th June 2015

Total of 24 Box Per Carton

Total of 12 Packs Per Box
Total of 40 Cards (40 New Cards)


GR: 1
SP: 12
RRR: 4
RR: 7
R: 12
C: 16


- Academy of Divas is the 1st G Clan Boosters.
- Includes further support for the skill, Stride and Generation Break.
- Includes further boosts to the clan, Bermuda △.
- Includes further boosts to archetypes: [Duo], [PR♥ISM] and [Pacifica].
- Each pack includes 7 cards.
- Each pack comes with 5 C and 1 R and 1 R higher rarity.

To know more about Stride, G-Assist and Generation Break, you can visit the following links:
Stride & G-Assist
Generation Break
CMD (Singapore)'s
Sovereign Star Dragon (G-BT03)
[Including Fateful Star Messiah (G-TD05]
- Deck Sample

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Cardfight!! Vanguard:
Fighter’s Club

- It is a special campaign held by Bushiroad.
- The campaign will be held at participating shops and contain a series of events for English Cardfight!! Vanguard.
- All events are open to everyone and aims to spread fun and excitement to the English Cardfight!! Vanguard community.
- All events held at cardfight!! Vanguard Fighter’s Club will be free!

Events at Cardfight!! Vanguard Fighter’s Club:
- Weekly free English Cardfight!! Vanguard tournaments
- Participation prizes and special PR items
- Surprise for Bushiroad staff challenges

Call your friends and hang out at Cardfight!! Vanguard Fighter’s Club together!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Future Card Buddyfight: Card Sleeve
Official Price: 600 Yen (including tax)
[Dimension:(L)92mm × (W)67mm]