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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Dragoborne Booster Pack Volume 2 (DB-BT02):
Oath of Blood

Official Release Date: 10th November 2017
Official Price: SGD4.80 (average)

Total Number of Cards: 120

Each Carton contain:
  • 1 SCR Flag
  • 1 Special Pack (aka God Pack) that contain 1 RR and 1 Reverse Foil of RR in a pack!

Each Box contain:
  • 5 RR
  • 20 Rares
  • 8 Reverse Foil
    • Note 1: 1 SCR will replace 1 of the Reverse Foil
    • Note 2: Possible of a RR Reverse Foil version

RR: 10
R: 30
U: 30
C: 50

Rally To War is the 1st Booster Pack released for the Dragoborne Trading Card Game.
- Each carton contains 16 boxes.
- Each pack contains 8 cards, and each display contains 20 packs.
- Parallel Foil will be randomly inserted in each booster pack.
- Each First Print Booster Box will come with 5 Banner Cards and 5 Dice.
- Each First Print Carton will come with 4 Playmat.

Pack Ratio:
Each Dragoborne Booster Pack includes more than 1 high rarity card (R and above), and they may be of different rarities as well!

Each pack will come in the following packing:
- 1 R + 2 U + 5 C
- 2 R + 2 U + 4 C
- 1 RR + 1 R + 2 U + 4 C

- War has begun, one in which every nation has a stake. And in order to gain an advantage, alliances have been formed; each participant working towards their own goals. Some move with a purpose born of strong belief, some based on personal whim. The trick is to figure out who is out to get you killed.
- The 2nd Dragonborne Booster, Oath of Blood (DB-BT02), features cards from all of the five colors, allowing players to build all sorts of decks.
- Alliances have forged and battle lines drawn.
- Oath of Blood brings more cross-color synergy for you to upgrade your deck!
- Oath of Blood also features new cards that you can use as the core of a deck, and also expands on your ability to manipulate dice!
- Further boosts to Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and Black.
Future Card Buddyfight "X" Special Series Volume 04 (X-SS04):
X Duel Chest
[バディレア確定!! 雷帝軍VSカオス 20連パック]

Official Release Date:
[Japanese Edition] 18th November 2017
[English Edition] 8th December 2017
Official Price: SGD $64.20

Number of Cards: 106 cards (including 2 Flag cards)
Type of Cards: 50 (48 new cards + 2 Flag cards [Mirage Card Backing])

- Thunder Emperor's Fang [Mirage Card Backing]
- the Chaos [Mirage Card Backing]
- 2 BR
- 18 R
- 84 C

Set Includes:
- 2 Decks - Thunder Emperor's Fang and the Chaos
- 1 Basic Rulebook
- 2 Playmat [Paper]
- 2 Life Counters
- 1 Storage Box

- X Duel Chest will be the 4th X Special Series Set to be released in both the English and Japanese format.
- X Duel Chest is a deck which you can play with it straight from the box, everything you need to Buddyfight is included!
- Stashed within X Duel Chest are 2 Trial Decks
- Japanese Edition: Each set contains 20 packs. You can make 2 different decks with these packs.
- English Edition: Contents are fixed.
- The army of Thunder Empire vs the Chaos-fied legion of the Chaos monsters!
- Mix and Match cards from the other booster set such as X-BT01, X-BT02, X-BT03, and challenge your friends to a tempestuous duel!
Cardfight!! Vanguard "G" Set 13:
Ultimate Stride (G-BT13)

Official Release Date:
[Japanese Edition] 17th November 2017
[English Edition] 22nd December 2017

Total of 20 Box Per Carton
Total of 16 Packs Per Box
Total of 110 Cards (104 New Cards + 6 Reprint Card)

Each pack includes 7 cards, two of them being R or greater (Possible to contain 2 Foils aka Double Foils).

ZR: 2
GR: 2
SP: 12
RRR: 9
RR: 14
R: 25
C: 58
Re RRR: 5

Each pack contain either 1 of the following combination (unconfirmed):
• 1 RRR + 1 RR + 5 C
• 1 RR + 1 RR + 5 C
• 1 ZR + 1 R + 5 C
• 1 GR + 1 R + 5 C
• 1 RRR + 1 R + 5 C
• 1 RR + 1 R + 5 C
• 2 R + 5 C
• 1 SP + 2 R + 5 C
• 1 Re RRR + 1 R + 5 C

Each box contain either 1 of the following combinations (unconfirmed):
• 1 SP + 3 RRR + 5 RR
• 1 ZR + 3 RRR + 5 RR
• 1 GR + 3 RRR + 5 RR
• 1 GR + 1 Re RRR + 3 RRR + 5 RR
• 1 Re RRR + 3 RRR + 5 RR
Note: Packs with Double Foil will come with 1 additional RR with make it to 6 RR in 1 box instead of the normal above combinations, and there is around 8 boxes in 1 carton contain Double Foil.

Each carton comes with (unconfirmed):
• 2 ZR (1 from each clan)
• 6 GR (3 from each clan)
• 4 SP

- Includes cards from the 1st season of the anime, Cardfight!! Vanguard "G": Z.
- Further boosts to clans: Angel Feather, Gold Paladin, Kagero, Tachikaze, Murakumo, Spike Brothers, Aqua Force and Cray Elemental.
- Further boosts to archetypes: Gavrail, Gurguit, Overlord, Yasuie, Gaia, Dudley, Maelstorm and Thavas.
- Further boosts to Keywords: Rescue, Unite, Blaze, Engore, Shadowstitch, Charge and Wave.
- Players will be able to build a new and strong deck from just this set alone!
- A new deck used by a new Diffrider introduced n the anime!
- A new grade 3 for Gavrail!
- Introducing a New Rarity, Zeroth Rare (ZR)!
- Increasing number of cards in the set from 104 to 110!
- The Set includes 5 Special Reprint Cards:

Monday, October 23, 2017

Cardfight!! Vanguard "G": Z
- Ultimate Stride's FAQs

Dragoborne Trial Deck Volume 04 (DB-TD04):
Reaper's Gift

Official Release Date: 10th November 2017

Reaper's Gift is the fourth Trial Deck released for the Dragoborne Trading Card Game.
- This deck will feature BlackRed, and Blue banners.
- Power up your creatures as they slam into the enemy, with Kazzakh, the Hellbent, increasing their attack and endurance at the cost of their life. Not to worry, they will return moments later, whole in body.
Gearmagnus Saboteur rains pain at your opponents as it flings itself against the enemy.
- Keep your opponents at bay with Supreme Ambition, resting them while you prepare your troops to wring the life from their bodies.
- Disorient your opponents with The Gardener, siphoning to manipulate your dice as you peek into your opponent's future.

- A constructed deck consisting of 53 cards.
- Features 20 unique cards, 6 of them exclusive.
- Includes a Promo Card.
- Includes 3 dice, a paper playmat, and a rulebook for the game.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Future Card Buddyfight "X" Booster Volume 3 (X-BT03):
Overturn! Thunder Empire!!
[逆天! 雷帝軍!!]

Official Release Date:
[Japanese Edition] 7th October 2017
[English Edition] 20th October 2017

Official Price:

- 150 Yen (Per Pack)
- 4,500 Yen (Per Box)

Total Type of Cards: 105

Each Carton: 16 Box

Each Box:
- 30 packs
- One Secret Pack is guaranteed per box

Each Pack:
- 5 cards
- Every pack will definitely have one R or above rarity card!
- There may be a foil version of any R/U/C card.

Secret: ?
BR: 3
SP: 6
RRR: 8
RR: 12
R: 24
U: 30
C: 22

- Overturn! Thunder Empire!! is the 3rd X Booster Set released in the Japanese and English formats.
- Includes further support for Dragon World, Danger World, Katana World and Darkness Dragon World (The set will also include a small amount of cards from other world).
- Introducing a new flag, which is also a Flag created from a Mirage Card, Dragon Fang Thunder Emperor!!
- Further support to Thunder Empire, Black Dragon, Chaos and Oni Assassin!
- Introducing a new type of ability: Overturn, which is a move exclusive to Thunder Empire, which can turn the table around!
- This booster contains exciting new cards appearing in the animation series from October onwards!
- Popular monsters from various worlds in this booster hold a powerful new ability appearing in the animation! The leader of 《Thunder Empire》 monsters, Batzz, and other monsters gain Overturn ― an ability so strong that they can turn the tides of battles in the blink of an eye! Unleash the full potential of Thunder Empire with Overturn!
- HOWEVER! They're not the only one possessing a formidable new ability. The opposing forces got hold of an equally strong new ability too! What happens when two powerful abilities clash in an epic Buddyfight!?
- This booster also contains 《Chaos》 cards usable by "the Chaos" flag from X-BT02!
-《Oni Assassin》 from Katana World gets upgraded, and a brand new Danger World deck can be formed from this booster pack!
- Introducing a new concept/playstyle to Danger World.

New Ability:
[Overturn]: You can only activate [Overturn] once per game. [Overturn] cannot be nullified and cannot be [Counter] to!

[Ovekilll]: You can only activate [Ovekill] once per game. [Ovekill] cannot be nullified and cannot be [Counter] to!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Cardfight!! Vanguard "G": Clan Booster Volume 6:
Rondeau of Chaos and Salvation (G-CB06)

Official Release Date:
[Japanese Edition] 20th October 2017
[English Edition] 24th November 2017

Official Price:
- Each Box at 3,600 Yen (inclusive of Tax)
- Each Pack at 300 Yen (inclusive of Tax)

Total of 24 Box Per Carton
Total of 12 Packs Per Box
Total of 45 Cards (41 New Cards + 4 Reprint Card)

Ratio of Rarity from Each Carton:
SGR: 2 (1 of each copy)
GR: 6 (3 of each copy)
Re: 12 (3 of each copy)
SP: 4

SGR or GR will replace RRR slot in a box
Re or SP will replace R slot in a box

- Points are now not inserted randomly in a booster pack but is a box topper. Not all box will have the points as the box topper.
- Foils are no longer the last card of the booster pack but inserted as the 3rd card from the back.

SGR: 2
GR: 2
SP: 8
RRR: 6
RR: 8
R: 13
C: 16
Re: 4

- Rondo of Chaos & Salvation is the 6th G Clan Boosters (G-CB).
- Includes cards from the anime series - Cardfight!! Vanguard "G": NEXT and Cardfight!! Vanguard "G": Z.
- Includes further support for the skill - Stride and Generation Break.
- Further boost to the clan, Link Joker.
- Further boosts to the archetype: Star-vader, Chaos, Glendios, Deletor and Messiah.
- Includes Chaos cards used by Noa Hoshizaki from the anime and Messiah cards used by Kouji Ibuki.
- Each pack includes 7 cards.
- Each pack comes with 5 C and 1 R and 1 R higher rarity.
- As per Bushiroad's 10th Year Anniversary campaign, it includes 1 Rubber Mat per carton purchase.
- The 4 Reprints are: Lady Gunner of the Neutron StarStar-vader, Colony MakerDark Metal Chameleon and Star-vader, Paradigm Shift Dragon.
- There will be 4 Re Reprints included in the set as Special Reprints:
CMD (Singapore)'s
Rondeau of Chaos and Salvation (G-CB06)
- Deck Samples

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Future Card Buddyfight "X" - Trial Deck Volume 03 (X-TD03):
Thunderous Warlords Alliance

Official Release Date:
[Japanese Edition] 7th October 2017
[English Edition] 20th October 2017

Total Number of Cards: 17 (14 new cards + 2 reprint cards + 1 flag card)

- Thunderous Warlords Alliance is the 3rd X Trial Deck released in the Japanese and English format.
- A constructed deck with 52 cards (3 cards will be foil).
- Including a Rulebook, a Playmat (paper), and a Life Counter.
- Includes further supports for Dragon World.